Any help would be appreciated

<p>I recently applied UC Berkeley college of Engineering. I am a transfer student from CCC. I had a 4.0 gpa until this past semester. I was going through a divorce plus my closest aunt committed suicide. Focusing at time seemed almost impossible. As a result I got my first B in Physics 4A, mechanics. I feel I did grasp most of the material but I just got off to a bad start and although I made a strong comeback, it wasn't quite enough to get an A. Im just wondering if this is going to kill my chances of getting in. If so, I want to drop one of my classes for spring semester. I have a super heavy load because I need it to meet the minimum requirements. But if the B is going to hurt me that much, I will just cut my losses.

<p>One B is hardly reason to stress. Get your personal affairs in order and do your best in your classes.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for the reply. I am in the process of doing exactly what you said. It is is still very tuff at times.</p>

hey bust, did you try to talk to your professor? I actually explained my situation, and he gave me an A even though i got only 88.89% in the class. I am sure i will get a B if i dont explain or talk to him. Sometimes professor will let u slide ur way to an A if u try to talk to them, but yeah at least have a reasonable percentage or show at least u try in the class to back it up.</p>

<p>btw I'm not a teacher pet, but it just that this semester obviously a little bit special than normal.</p>

<p>^ ***? What did you say to him?</p>

<p>What's your major man?</p>

<p>Well first of all, he is a very nice guy. He is very helpful, willing to help his student, even welcome everyone to his office. His tests are very hard, consist 70 questions, didn't give out study guide, 5 chapters each test, final consists the whole book. Sadly, a lot of students dropped, we start out 80 end up with 45 left. A few got C, 90% of the class population got B, just around 6% got A. It was a competitive class, and I told that him I actually learned a lot from his class; more over, I told him that I applied for fall 2012, and he knows how important that was. He told me to do him a favor, " SHOW UP ON TIME IN ANY CLASS IN THE FUTURE, IT WILL BENEFIT YOU FOR THE LONG RUN." reason was that i always late to his class, which he did not like it. He knows my potential, so it was OK ^^. He said since i got 88.89% near 90, so it fairs to give me an A. </p>

<p>The End.</p>