Any hope? Fashion Institute of Technology~

<p>Ugh, please help. I'm currently a junior and hoping to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in the fall of 2013. My grades are decent (mostly A's and B's), I have a lot of extra curriculars under my belt, I do a lot of community service and I'm going to partake in their pre-college program come this Spring. My only problem, which is actually a huge problem, is that I got held back in the the tenth grade due to my awful anxiety. Long story short - I just found it impossible to go to school. I would have a 3.6 GPA, but now I only have a 3.0. If it weren't for that one year, I wouldn't be nearly as nervous, but this is just killing me inside. Please, help me out? Do you think I have a chance? </p>

<p>Thanks, </p>

<p>Brian G</p>

<p>bumppp :/ pls helppp</p>

<p>I'm not very familiar with fashion institutes and how their admission standards differ from "normal" universities, but you should definitely explain your circumstances sophomore year in the app. Maybe in the additional info section, but try to put a positive spin on it, showing how you overcame the anxiety. You can ask your counselor to mention it in his/her recommendation too. Good luck!</p>

<p>^Thank you so much, will do!</p>

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