Any idea how many Transfer students were offered admission?

<p>Hi guys. I'm on the transfer waitlist for UCI (which I'm actually really surprised about, I was planning on appealing as my grades were significantly changed a few days ago, but it turns out I was accepted on the waitlist anyway. I won't even ask how likely it is that I'll get a higher chance of getting in when a 2.91 changed to a 3.42 as that's such a specific circumstance alas.) . I know that for the freshman class they were around 1000 spots under, which means basically everyone from the waitlist will get in (since UCI seems to either accept 100 percent of its waitlist or 0 depending on the year and how their enrollment is looking) . My question is- 1. Do we know how many transfer students were offered admission vs. how many they're hoping to enroll? Of course we won't know how many transfer students DID give SIR's until after June 1st, but the data should be out there about how many were admitted, I just can't find it. Also, if not all 1000 of those freshmen spots are filled (which I think is most likely, as so many students decide it's not worth it with having to give up their SIR fee and etc)- does that help transfer students at all? I can see that going either way; obviously if there's still spots available at the school for housing and everything, well, there's spots available and they'll WANT to fill them up, but at the same time transfers obviously will take different classes as freshmen, so maybe the transfer waitlist will only depend on how many transfer students give SIR's. (Obviously I'm hoping it's the former option, not the latter.)</p>

<p>Lots of specific questions. Oh well, hi everyone! And good luck to everyone like me on the waitlist! (I'M SO HAPPY THEY CHANGED TO HOLISTIC REVIEW. Since, err, that's obviously the reason I got on the waitlist in the first place lol.)</p>

<p>I’m on the same boat as you bro. BTW whats holistic review?</p>

<p>if you don’t know how to google the word “holistic” you don’t deserve to go to UCI.</p>

<p>[holistic</a> - definition of holistic by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.](<a href=“Holistic]holistic - definition of holistic]holistic by The Free Dictionary”>Holistic - definition of holistic by The Free Dictionary)
Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.</p>

<p>It means that instead of just looking at your GPA and then using the rest of your application- essays, extra-curriculars, etc- in case you’re on the borderline and they need to decide, they will look at your whole application, beyond just GPA. It’s completely the reason why they didn’t just reject me, as when I applied my GPA was crap (though it’s better now, le blah complicated things).</p>