any idea if i can get into JHU?

<p>first, i am korean and i've been here for about 5 years now.</p>

<p>Freshmen :</p>

<p>Eng1-PAP +
Geometry PAP +
Spanish 2 PAP + all most all 99 or 100
Biology PAP +
Art 100 all the time
World Geography PAP +
Dance 100 of course +
Multi-media 100 (got an award for "multi-media genius" )</p>

Algebra II PAP +
Chemistry PAP almost always 98
World History AP +
drawing 100
Dance 100
Photojournalism 100
Spanish III almost all 100</p>

ChemistryAP almost all 98
drawing Portfolio AP 100
US. History AP 90
Anatomy and physiology 100
Pre-calculus PAP -
Spanish IV PAP +
Psychology AP 96</p>

[will be taking]</p>

<p>Eng IV AP
Biology AP
Physics PAP
Drawing 2D portfolio AP
Government AP
Economics AP
Art HistoryAP
Spanish V AP
Calculus AP</p>


<p>took SATI in may
PSAT score said im probably getting around 2010
taking SAT II in june
[math, chemistry, Us history] will be taking korean language in nov.</p>

<p>-president in church youth
-praise band vocal
-SADD member
-Student Council member
-Class Council Member
-National Honor Society member
-National Art Honor Society -Vice president
-Peer -mediations - mediator
-tutor -math and science at school
-Mentor at school
-Spanish Honor Society
-Art Club</p>

<p>[ different Honor Society outside of School]</p>

<p>won various awards for art and writing d ( district award, region, state, nation wide)
and planning publishing a book in both korean and english</p>

<p>recomendations by principal and head of science department chair in district</p>

<p>Looks pretty good, should try to get the sat1 over 2100. Since you are a writer be sure to do all the essays including the Hopkins only one (it is not optional).</p>

<p>How do you plan on taking nine courses your senior year?</p>

<p>Gov and Econ is half semester soooo... haha=)</p>

<p>Geez thats still eight classes. You have my sympathy.</p>

<p>haha true that. XD</p>

<p>I'm not sure if i can get into JHU. Can you evalute my stats:
Sat: 1990
SAT 2: Bio 790 Chem 790 IIC 790
Gpa unweighted 4.0 (weighted: 4.34)
Ap tests: AP bio 5 AP CHem 5 Ap Calc BC: ? AP psychology? Ap US history:?
Key Club, LEo Club, FBLA, Chess club (officer)
Shadowing a doctor</p>


<p>Madame, What are your SAT scores broken down by CR, M, W?</p>

<p>Can you take SAT again to get your scores up? Your other stats seem excellent.</p>

<p>if u want u should do ED, I heard ED acceptance rate for JHU is 50% since not a lot of ppl apply at ED</p>

<p>the breakdown of my sat (CR: 630 Math: 700 Writing: 660 11on essay)
im going to retake the sat this june</p>

<p>hmmmmmm..-<em>- can u evaluate mine 2?-</em>-;</p>

<p>i think i will evaluate you after your sat score comes out. omg 1 week left before june sat!</p>

<p>That's a whole damn lot of APs. But why are there two years of AP Art?</p>

<p>because one's just drawing portfolio and the other is 2-D.. haha=)</p>