Any idea when acceptance/studio notice will come?

<p>For those students who received the invitation to Saturday in the Square, does anyone have any idea when the actual acceptance will come, and, more importantly, when the notice of studio should arrive?</p>

<p>Do they notify by letter or email or on a website?</p>

<p>Momster, official letters and packages will go out to arrive around April 1. The studio letters usually arrive about a week later. All notification is done by mail, not email or website.</p>

<p>My daughter recieved her acceptance today to Tisch School, doesn't say Cap 21 but she told them that was the only school she wanted to apply for.</p>

<p>lindy, if your D specified that she was only interested in CAP21 and not any other studio, then she'll be in CAP. My guess is that if she's received her acceptance package already, she is an international student?</p>

<p>yes, and it's dated April 1st, why so early for international students?</p>

<p>Perhaps they felt it would take longer to reach international students (and some do live on the other side of the world!) and mailed those sooner so that they would ultimately arrive on time with the others. This is conjecture. I bet within ten more days, others will also have their letters. About a week after the acceptance letters, comes the studio notifications.</p>

<p>I think you are right. Thanks for all your posts. I listened to the N'harmonics they are amazing!! Great job by your daughter!</p>

<p>Thanks! This weekend, they compete in the championships for the Northeast, taking place at MIT. The winner of this round goes onto the International Finals at Lincoln Center in NYC next month. Every year my D has been in the group, they have made it this far and fingers crossed that they can get to the finals but it is pretty tough competition. Go N'Harmonics! Maybe your D will try out in the fall. They are a hot rock/pop group.</p>

<p>Good luck to them, how exciting!! They really are unique!</p>

<p>soozievt Good luck to your D in her competitions. Is there a way to listen online to N'Harmonics? Would love that, been a stressful week here dealing with other stuff.</p>

<p>There are various clips from past concerts and competitions on YouTube. It depends how you comes up with different hits if you do NYU N'Harmonics or just N'Harmonics or spell N'Harmonics different ways and so on and so forth. These are not good videos but just ones taken by family and friends in the audience. There are about 15 clips or so online I think. Four of the songs online are arrangements my D wrote, three of which have won for best arrangement in competition....Bohemian Rhapsody, Something to Talk About, Feelin' Good, and Whipping Post. The most recent competition, which was held in Hartford, that they won, my D was absent (was performing in the mainstage musical at Tisch) as were about half her group and so they are not in it and she wasn't the one musically directing in those clips (this year but is the one in last year's clips of that same competition), though she is the musical director for the N'Harmonics. </p>

<p>They do have a CD they recorded in the studio that will eventually be for sale. They tend to be known for their rock/pop and being "different" than other groups and having different kinds of arrangements and so on. Many of the kids in the current group, as well as recent graduates have had a bunch of success in theater. You do not have to be in Tisch to be cast in this group. Anyone at NYU can audition and some of the members are not in Tisch or in Drama. Some are. If you are heading to NYU in the fall, you will see N'Harmonics perform during orientation (last year performed at a concert with the cast of Spring Awakening at orientation). If you are going to be in NYC in mid May, they are performing at Joe's Pub (a professional venue in the city). I'm going to see them at MIT. My other D is meeting me there and the really exciting coincidence is that she was just accepted to MIT a week ago and so I can go around the campus with her!</p>

<p>Wow MIT? Way to go, D1 of soozievt! You have a lot to be proud of, soozie! Please pass our sincere congratulations along.</p>

<p>WOO WOO!! Yea for her. Wow! And your D arranges music? Quite brilliant I am assuming. You have a couple genius kids and I reckon (Southern word here) they didn't fall far from the tree. We are still waiting on NYU acceptance. She would love to get that one before her spring break begins, March 30.</p>

<p>Thanks, NMR.....I don't wanna get into it on this thread and I do owe you a response in the mail and I hope I get to it. It just is a coincidence that we'll be at MIT for the a capella competition and how it is all working out. (but yes, we are kvelling over a lot of happy acceptances that she never dreamed would happen....I know you can relate!)</p>

<p>Poohie, sorry cross posted. I hope your child gets into NYU if that is where she wants to go, and I must say that my younger child has LOVED it there. Yes, that D arranges and also writes music and has been a musical director of musicals, among other things. She has had some fortunate opportunities professionally this year as a musical director and again this coming summer, including arranging and writing music and musicals. But she also is a actor/singer/dancer as well. She has always been into music and is accomplished on piano and has played other instruments. Who knew when the girls started on piano at age seven what it would turn into? </p>

<p>My older one has almost all of her results in, waiting on two more but honestly if it all stopped now, it would be more than fine with her and it may be the end, we are not positive. I don't want to use this thread for that but perhaps can post somewhere soon about her acceptances, even though our acceptance thread here is for MT and this is not for MT but for graduate schools or architecture. (she has been a musician growing up and also did musicals all prior to college but that is not her field)</p>