Any ideas to get more EC's my freshman year?

<p>Here are my EC's so far.</p>

<p>Debate (PF + IE of Foreign - planning to win lots of tourneys and maybe even go to finals)
Band (Percussion/Drum Line)
200+ hours of community service (mainly wildlife conservation centers)
Presidential Service Award
Singlehandedly raised $500 for nature center/preserving wildlife
Varsity Track
I couldn't play Varsity XC this year because I sprang my ankle.
Will participate in the science fair, hoping to do well and win an award(s).</p>

<p>Also, I just transferred to this school district, so I was kind of intimidated about joining clubs. I might try to join FBLA, maybe try out for JV Boys Golf (I'm not very good), and maybe try out for freshman basketball, as well as some other various clubs. Any ideas on what I should do though?</p>

<p>Wait. Okay. You're a freshman. Right? Or am I missing something here?</p>

<p>Honestly, for now I'd just stick to what you have. Debate, band, community service, track, golf (oh heyyy, I play golf!), and whatever else. I wouldn't over do it freshman year, though. Take it from someone who has spread herself thin for the past three years and still doesn't have a clue how she does it. I don't recommend it at all.</p>

<p>You got like everything...
A competition
A community service event
An athletic feat.
More. (impressed by your $500 feat, multiply that by the number of club members in a club and you can meet all of the year's budget needs and invest in future years fundraisers...)</p>

<p>Better than my freshman year. Rather than just adding more of them, I'd say trade off some of the EC's you have right now. I don't know. You're challenging yourself enough but if I were the college admissions person, I'd be "meh" right now, saying it in the nicest way I can.</p>

<p>@swizzle Hmm, okay. I'll try not to overdo it.
@tange Could you explain what you mean by trading off some of the EC's I have? Basically, just try to achieve more, as far as quality and maybe try to gain some more awards and pick up some more good EC's, leadership positions, etc.?</p>