<p>im majoring in psychology....
you guys have any ideas of what i can write about for the 2 cornell short essays?
what can i say? specifically?
any ideas?!

<p>Um...they're kind of personal, lol. You need to demonstrate the evolution of your interest in psychology for one. Personally, I did something anecdotal and it worked for me.</p>

<p>O yeah, and check out the Cornell website for information, if you find yourself unable to think of ideas.</p>

<p>wat part of the site specifically?!</p>

<p>Not sure exactly, I looked at the majors in my college, the classes and the course descriptions.</p>

<p>what intially sparked your interest in psychology? how have you continued on with this interest? and for the second question, how will you utilize cornell to fit your interest?</p>

<p>Look through the courses, find the ones that can in some way relate to psychology, and write with intense enthusiasm about your eagerness to take them. The second essay was a lot tougher to write than the first, in my opinion...too many courses...</p>

<p>Write whatever comes to mind first. The questions are very broad for that reason. My friend and I focused on completely different areas when we wrote about the "evolution of our academic interests" - She wrote about her childhood experiences watching Bill Nye and I wrote about my work experience and business electives. Good luck!</p>

<p>I wrote about Bill Nye too! Only briefly tho, I guess great minds think alike!</p>

<p>Haha that's so funny! Is he still on TV? I really want to watch an episode or two again...</p>

<p>why psychology, at cornell. illinois urbana champaign has got a good program</p>