Any ILR spring transfer applicants who get the admission result?

<p>I asked an admission officer in ILR for informing me the admission result earlier than Dec. 15(official notification date)via e-mail....and his reply was..</p>

<p>Hi XX,</p>

<p>We will do our best to make our decisions as early as possible. However, we are not able to tell you early, nor through email. We do realize that Spring transfers often face a unique challenge of having to very quickly sublet housing, negotiate with landlords or their school, etc. We always recommend that people play it safe and plan on remaining at their current school. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do to assist other than try to get the decisions out to you all as soon as possible.</p>

<p>According to this e-mail, it means that nobody can know the admission result before the official admission notification date.. But I am very nervous about this sentence, "We always recommend that people play it safe and plan on remaining at their current school. " <-Does it mean that he imply the rejection or am I too sensitive?? I also curious whether anyone gets the admission result already or not, except one for the GT...</p>

<p>I imagine that he would just say that to everyone in case it sounds like. I had heard that they give out results through email.</p>

<p>gregcroom4, thank you for your reply :)
Like you, I also had heard that they would give out the admission notification through e-mail.. but they clearly say in this e-mail that they will not do it..
so I am very confused right now..:(
well..I am going to call the office tommorrow even though I don't think they will tell the result to me...</p>

<p>when (usually or historically) do/did ILR transfer applicants hear decisions?</p>

<p>Many of the fall ILR transfers were notified VIA phone call.</p>

<p>I called the ILR admission office today for asking my result via phone call, and the officer said,
"we will send you the result via e-mail or letter in "NEXT" week."
................ what the heck?
they can send me an e-mail which was not supposed to be allowed.....and the more puzzling thing is that the result will be notified in "NEXT" week!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>so within 5 days?</p>

<p>I don't know... it will be next Monday.. or next Friday..
the officer did not point out the exact date....:(</p>