Any info on math placement test?

<p>I took calc AB senior year but didn't take the ap test cause I was sick. Does anyone have any info on how hard the math placement test is? I've forgotten quite a bit already haha :)</p>


<p>Bump...I tried googling...FAIL :( LOL</p>

<p>Here's the practice test that the department suggests: California</a> Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project</p>

<p>If you happen to be weak on trigonometry topics, don't worry too much or waste too much time reviewing (at least for the diagnostic test), as I recall only a few questions. The questions are not designed to be tricky, and you only need a 70% to get placed into calculus.</p>

<p>i hadn't taken math for 2 years and had never taken trig or calc and fell just short of testing into calculus. i'm also a bad test-taker and math is my weakest subject. so it seems like you'll be fine.</p>