Any information is helpful !!!

Hi ! I am a community college student from New York State and I have so many questions about Loyola New Orleans and ANY information is helpful ! Loyola is at the top of my list on schools to transfer to, but is it worth it ?!

1.) How easy is the applying and transfer process ? I am a Electronic Media Communications Major at my current school,(I have a 3.3 GPA, going into third semester) and I was wondering how prestigious the communications programs at Loyola are.
2.) How is the feel of the campus ? Are things on campus in close proximity of each other ?
3.) How is campus life, meaning living on campus ? (For upperclassmen)
4.) How far is the campus from major stores, restaurants, entertainment ect…)
5.) Is Loyola worth the price tag ? How generous is financial aid ?
6.) How is New Orleans as a city ? Is it still the ‘Murder capital’ and are things within walking, bus ride, or taxi distance?

I know I may seem so clueless but I do know a couple of things having spoken to current students, but it was all their own opinion, and I wont be able to get down to the big easy until I transfer (That is if I get in and decide to go). Any information is helpful in this decision process and I appreciate everyones time and helpfulness ! Thank you so much !