Any internal Smeal transfers?

<p>I recently switched out of College of Communication and into DUS because my interest in the Communication just completely fizzled. Any other current students looking into attempting to transfer into Smeal? I'm particularly interested in Accounting because I like Economics+Math. Also thinking about pairing it with Art History.</p>

<p>I got into EMS college majoring in energy, business and finance but now I just want to study finance at Smeal. I called today and they said I would have to attend DUS starting this summer. Is that the same for you as well? Any other suggestions? I kinda wanna enjoy my summer after I graduate.</p>

<p>Are you an incoming freshman, familyguy? I'm currently a second semester freshman right now. They told me you have to switch into DUS and plan out your schedule to get in all the pre-reqs for Smeal. I guess my best advice is to switch into DUS asap if you really want Smeal. I regret that I didn't just decide on this when I first entered Penn State because I would've been half-way done with my pre-req classes in accounting/management. Also, try your best to get the highest gpa to be on the safe side. For Finance specifically, you need a 3.5 or higher! </p>

<p>Here's the site that shows you the required classes/gpa needed before enrollment at Smeal:</p>

<p>Entrance</a> to Major Requirements 2012 — Smeal Undergraduate Student Exchange</p>

<p>I totally understand what you mean that you want to enjoy your last summer. Just enjoy this summer because you're going to be working super hard during the school year to keep your gpa high!</p>

<p>Yeah I'm an incoming freshman. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.</p>