Any international applicants get a mid-year report request?

<p>Do they send them out? If so, is it via standard mail or DHL?</p>

<p>ALL students should send in their mid year report and NOT wait for a request.</p>

<p>I'd rather not as it would hinder my chances</p>

<p>I have only received the letter regarding not receiving a Trustee/Presidential Scholarship.</p>

<p>'I'd rather not as it would hinder my chances"</p>

<p>your chances will be nil if you DONT send in the midyear reports.
This is a direct quote from the Dean of Admissions-</p>

<p>"We routinely send letters to students if something is missing. I know that everyone asks about midyear reports. Students shouldn't wait to receive a letter from us asking for those. We want to see them from everyone. Many HS counselors send those routinely, even if students don't request them to do so"</p>

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