Any international?

<p>Hi. I applied to AU as an international student. I want to know is there any admitted international student. Does AU offer FA or scholarship to international students?</p>

<p>Hi I am an international student from Nigeria and I got 22k in financial aid!</p>

<p>Wow really. Actually there was no FA form in the application process right?</p>

<p>No! There is no need-based financial aid for international students. They have scholarships for which you don't need a separate application.
I'm from Germany and got a 22K Dean's Scholarship :-)</p>

<p>46k-22k=24k . Wow still expensive...</p>

<p>yay for Germany!

<p>I am from Korea, and I got in!</p>

<p>congrats to all! i find this very interesting, as AU gives you guys financial aid! good for them, and it shows their international commitment. i think(?) the reason you don't have FAFSAs is because you aren't eligible for federal aid if not from here;so AU gives you its own! :)</p>

<p>My Swedish roommate my freshman year at AU got to attend gratis, thanks to the taxpayers of Sweden and the largesse of the Swedish government--no need for any additional gifts from the US.</p>

<p>Germany isn't that nice, they prefer that you study in the country because they know that probably most of the people that study here for such a long time are not coming back to work in germany :-(</p>

<p>Btw is anybody in the DC Area right know and is going to the Pizza Party for admitted international students on the 29th?</p>

<p>Hey, how difficult to keep my GPA 3.2 every year?</p>

<p>That's why my parents won't let me go back to Germany again for college..they're scared I'll never come back!
Eh, there's study abroad I guess :)</p>

<p>I think im an international acceptee lol i had to apply via international and domestic due to my three years of HS in Canada .... it was a mess i tell you haha i think they just got tired of my application and said just let him in xD</p>

<p>Still waiting as an they send out their emails per waves?</p>

<p>yes waves, Falk. check out the variuos threads for details.</p>