Any kind of thinkpad you want?

<p>What kind of thinkpad would you get if you could get any kind, cost not an issue?</p>

<p>See, my uncle is getting me one and he's ridiculously wealthy (as in, he was an elevator in his home and it's pointless, I imagine he uses it to carry up and down his gold). His business likes thinkpads, I like 'em too (last one I had was a t48 or something, it lasted me through high school) and he told me to e-mail him the kind I want and he'll get it.</p>

<p>I'll be an engineering major but most thinkpads have at least i3 or i5 and if I just get more memory I'm not too worried. I just want a webcam on it and otherwise I'm not sure. I'm liking the x201 so far...not sure.</p>

<p>I'd probably get the more portable ones...T or X series since I don't really game and wouldn't mind the integrated graphics for the most part. </p>

<p>Lightweight Thinkpads with the durability are nice.</p>

<p>On an x201 right now. Great if you don't game - good battery life, lightweight, very portable.</p>

<p>X-series; most notably, X310. Those are really durable and portable.</p>

<p>That, or the T410 with an LED-backlit screen. The price difference is a lot, and you want to be reasonable with your uncle's money.</p>

<p>The ThinkPad Edge series has keyboards to die for! I especially like the 13.3" for its portability (3.6 lbs).</p>