Any LACS with good grapic design programs?

<p>My daughter is interested in graphic design or new media design. She doesn't want to attend an art school for a host of reasons. We have looked at Carnegie Mellon, Syracuse, Wash U St Louis and RIT. Are there any other major schools, especially LACS that have a strong grapic design program?</p>

<p>I should note that she is only interested in going to schools that are East of the Mississippi and within 700 miles or so from Maryland</p>

<p>Skidmore in NY has a communications design program that is good. Another option is Goucher in Maryland - although they don't have a specific graphic design concentration, their art program is strong, and students have the option of taking classes at they the Maryland Institute and College of Art. They also have a very good internship program in the arts, including in graphic design. A third choice to check out would be Connecticut college - I seem to recall they had some sort of graphic design option when I looked at their studio art program a long time ago.</p>

<p>Skidmore, huh? Thanks for response. Any other schools and LACS that you can think of?</p>