Any last minute interview tips?

I have my alumni interview for Georgetown tomorrow at my house! (Doesn’t that seem at a little odd?) Anyway I’m a little nervous so I was hoping for some last minute tips. I should have an extra copy of my resume and transcript ready, right? Anything else? Thanks!

<p>No need to be nervous! :)</p>

<p>They're there to HELP YOU. They're there to GET YOU INTO GEORGETOWN! I'm applying to MIT Early Action and I've spoken many times to my EC (educational counselor who is just a fancy name for my interviewer) already and he's just extremely excited to help out the applicants. (I haven't had my interview yet btw)</p>

<p>Just remember, they're human too. If there are awkward silences, they're blaming themselves as much as you're blaming yourself. They're not perfect, and they know it too. No need to put them on a pedestal and feel nervous speaking to them, because they're just a normal person who happens to have gone to the school of your dreams. Obviously, you shouldn't be disrespectful or condescending toward the interviewers but there's no need to treat them as someone who is holding your life in the palm of their hand. ;)</p>

<p>Oh and sadly enough, interviews don't count for much of anything. If you weren't going to get in, a great interview probably would not put you into the school. If you're stellar and you're going to be admitted, a terrible interview would not botch your chances. So relax and enjoy the conversation. Treat it as a learning experience and you'll be fine :)</p>

<p>Remember that a professional, modest outfit is the best way to go. Greet your interviewer with a smile and a firm handshake. Like Pebbles said, don't be scared- the interviewer isn't out to mess you up with tricky questions. Just be honest and friendly, and you'll be fine.</p>