Any last-minute tips? PLEEAAASSEE!! (:

<p>Okay, so I sill be taking the ACT on Tuesday. I am EXTREMELY nervous, considering I have been prepping for the exam since freshman year. I would appreciate tips on the reading and science portions. Especially reading!!! How can I increase my speed on reading? Any tips?</p>


<p>I feel your pain w/r/t the ACT, I basically getting into college on my test scores. My personal plan is to take a couple practice tests in the next few days. I rely on my being comfortable with the test, and while I know most of the information already, it is invaluable, given my learning style, to practice LOTS. </p>

<p>For the critical reading section, it mostly depends on whether you’re a fast reader or a slow reader to figure out what strategy you want. On the science section, it helps me to look at the graph or data, and then try and figure out what the trends are, and what information they might want. Maybe even read the questions first.</p>

<p>Is this helpful, do you need more?</p>

<p>P.S. If you’ve been preparing it’s probably just test anxiety and I’m sure you’ll do fine. That’s not uber reassuring, but I don’t want you to go into heart failure from the strain.</p>

<p>Whoops, just saw about the reading. My suggestion is to make sure you hit three prompts out of the ballpark, and then go back for the fourth.</p>

<p>thanks!! that was helpful and reassuring.</p>

<p>[ACT</a> Test Prep - Science - YouTube](<a href=“ACT Test Prep - Science - YouTube”>ACT Test Prep - Science - YouTube)
This guy helped me prepare for my Science part on the ACT
his tips are helpful (:</p>

<p>Thank you both for the information. I just took the ACT, and I do not know how I did. Surprisingly, I finished the reading and science portions on time, but that does not guarantee a good score. However, I am hoping for the best, but most of all, I am glad it is over! (:</p>