Any Math majors out there?

<p>I'm currently a freshman at Cal and I was thinking of majoring in math. I'm in 1B right now and I'm really liking it so far, but I've heard from a couple people that 1B is absolutely nothing like upper div math.. so now I'm unsure of whether I want to major in / would utterly fail at being a math major. Can anyone who is majoring in math provide more insight? Thank you :]</p>

<p>Upper division math courses will emphasize proofs and theory more. If you want a preview, consider taking honors courses like H53 and H54.</p>

<p>I'm a math major. Definitely take H53 and H54 to expose yourself to theory based math because 1 series and 50s series are almost 100% arithmetic and just manipulating simple formulas and plugging in numbers.</p>

<p>A lot of people who want to major in math change their mind after their first upper div course.</p>

<p>Going off of what was said before, of the non-honors lower div classes (in case you can't take the honors ones), Math 55 resembles upper division the most since it introduces some logic and discrete math.
110 (linear algebra) is generally the first upper div math class to take though I and a lot of other math majors have hated it but went on and enjoyed other topics.
104 (real analysis) is regarded as the make-or-break class which is weird since people end up taking it kind of late. I had a fairly easy professor for it though.</p>

<p>^ who'd you have for 104?</p>

<p>anyway, yeah try to get into H54, it will be a lot more fun and you'll actually learn the concepts. in 54 i felt we did a lot of the exercises not really understanding wth was going on. that's why i liked 110 a lot more. that being said i never took h54, so take advice but check out and compare syllabi on ur own to confirm.
and yeah, 1b, 53 are nothing like upper divs. take 55 for a better "preview" or just take 110 and find out for yourself (can stay in and drop or just audit the class if you're curious)</p>

<p>Haha thanks guys. Where and when are 110 classes fall 2011? Maybe I'll drop in on a class before my Phase 2 date :X</p>

<p>Schedule of Classes does wonders.</p>

<p>I had Yilmaz for 104. He's fairly straightforward (follows Ross pretty closely), so not bad but also not amazing. Also we ended up not covering as much as some other classes; about 27 chapters to like 35 for the others.</p>