Any more non-binding EA schools?

<p>As far as I know,there are Georgetown and U chicago are doing this.Not restricted,non-binding EA program?
Are there more schools like that?</p>

<p>here you go
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<p>thanks so much menloparkmom!but I am looking for non binding early action program though~so far I just know only 2 schools do that.I suppose only schools use uncommon application have that kinda program</p>

<p>Any school with ea is non binding and there are a lot of them. And most of those are non restrictive too, (yale and stanford are the only restrictive ea I know of). However I don't know what types of schools you are looking at, that might skew how many you've seen with ed rather than ea.</p>

<p>but now fewer and fewer school are offering early action program.For example like Dickinson,Wesleyan Collge as listed on the list,they only offer early decision program.</p>

<p>I think you're confusing Wesleyan University (in Connecticut) for Wesleyan College (in Georgia).</p>

<p>EA is non binding. ED is binding.</p>