Any News From NY Unifieds?

Hey there, I auditioned for CCM at the NY Unifieds and haven’t heard anything back yet. Is anyone else in the same boat? I know of several people who have received their decision from the same audition day and I was just wondering if it was odd that I haven’t yet. My status on the portal hasn’t changed either.

Friend auditioned at CCM on 1-14. Still no news

@carrieyes …D auditioned at NYC unifieds and has not heard yet either.

we got a no but my d did not care she did not click at all with the school

@lincoln56 Did she audition in NY or Chicago? Glad to hear she took it well and has moved on.

Daughter received acceptance from Chicago Unifieds today by email.

congrats @ActTex !! This is awesome news!

Thank you, @kentmtmom. We were pretty stunned!:slight_smile:

D rcvd her acceptance from Chicago unifieds yesterday!