Any news from UCSD? for prospective students

<p>i just want to make sure that im not missing out on anything from UCSD!
every other UCs are sending out their meal plans, housing, and orientation etc, but UCSD hasn't sent me anything yet... UCSD seems much slower.</p>

<p>for some students who are getting a lot of financial aid, the ucsd financial aid asked for additional documents like the verification worksheet. They didnt send me an e-mail to notify me so i missed the deadline, and im in the hassle of trying to appeal out of this mess.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that orientation takes place in September for many colleges, your housing contract is not due until June 30, you won't get roommate assignments until late August, you don't register for classes until late August, and by the time school starts it's practically October. The quarter system just lags a little. It's cool that you're stoked on UCSD, but try to enjoy your last summer and don't panic.</p>

<p>I haven't gotten anything yet either. Thanks, @ucsandiego915, for the reassurance. We're just making sure that we're not missing anything. I got a postcard about Parentslink for my parents, and just recently got an email with general info about the math placement exam.</p>

<p>When do we get to pick what kind of room we want (single/double/triple)?</p>

<p>^You will be filling out your housing preferences/contract (single, double, triple, living habits, etc.) around late May - early June. The contract was due June 30 my year and will likely be the same this year.</p>

<p>for prospective students, would it be better to ask for apartments? or residence halls?</p>

<p>res halls--2nd years are usually in apartments. res halls (and orientation) are probably where you are going to make your long lasting friendships, so its best to be around all the other first years too</p>