Any News From Villanova yet?

<p>Anyone hear re: transferring to Villanova? If not, does anyone know roughly when they'll notify? Thanks.</p>

<p>nope. So anxious. The admissions woman told me somewhere around the first week of May.</p>

<p>When did you send your app in? Just sent in last week (although all supporting docs were sent @7 weeks ago.</p>

<p>January. I've been waiting a while.</p>

<p>I submitted the app and most documents around the end of February but only completed it around the end of March. Haven't heard back yet (applied to the b-school).</p>

<p>I thought Villanova do rolling admission.</p>

<p>That is what is says on the website but i am pretty sure they release decisions at the same time.</p>

<p>I heard back from Villanova yesterday.</p>

<p>what school did you apply to?</p>

<p>I think they wait to get your 2nd semester grades in, don't they? Or did above poster get in without sending in the recent grades?</p>

<p>I sent in my final transcripts last week so hopefully thats all they are waiting for</p>

<p>Still waiting to hear from VSB.</p>

<p>I can tell you for a fact that Nova still doesn't know how many spots they'll have, as people (like me) are still waiting on decisions/transferring out too. Villanova does rolling admissions, so don't expect them all at once, and from what I've heard, they tend to notify very late into the summer as well. Nova's a great school, enjoy, and good luck to whoever grabs my spot!!!</p>

<p>Still nothing from VSB here. I think I'm just going to send in my deposit to Lehigh.</p>