Any notable private schools on the east coast?

<p>I'm currently a community college student from california and obviously looking to transfer out. I already have a good amount of schools i'm interested in, but as of lately i started becoming interested in small private schools on the east coast. I'm currently majoring in Psychology, but i'm not an aspiring psychologist, i'm an aspiring lawyer. I love the cold, so the school preferably needs to be in an area where it has really cold and snow filled winters. Some of the small private schools I'm currently interested are Wake Forest, Bucknell, and Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt being one of my top schools i want to to attend. So if anyone has some college ideas, I' love to hear them!</p>

<p>There are too many notable private schools in the Northeast to list! Not only do you have ivies like Dartmouth and Cornell, but lots of LACs that have great reputations, including women's colleges. Middlebury, Bowdoin, Bates, Amherst, Williams, plus more top tier schools. Then, you also have numerous second tier schools, which might offer you great merit or need based aid. Happy hunting!</p>

<p>I'm not aiming for any iveys right now, i'm going to worry about those for graduate school. Those are all great options. Thank you!</p>

<p>Davidson and Washington & Lee frequently attract similar students as Wake and Vandy.</p>

<p>Just a warning, while Winston-Salem and Nashville certainly both get snow, it is usually just a couple of inches per year, never more than two feet at a time.</p>

<p>I know that, they just happen to be on the east coast( vandy somewhat), they both just happen to be great schools. And, being from Los Angeles, any amount of snow would be nice I'll definitely look into those. Thanks!</p>

<p>Syracuse, Tufts, BC, Vassals, Wesleyan, Franklin and Marshall. The list is huge </p>

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<p>If you like Bucknell, then you might like Colgate, Vassar, Hamilton. A bit less selective but great schools include Union and Skidmore. </p>

<p>There are so many top schools in the northeast.</p>

<p>You're asking a question about one of the most college/university-centric parts of the country. Too many to mention! It's like asking someone in Seattle, any notable coffee shops here? Your best bet is to first explore or</p>

<p>Amherst's president was recently on NPR talking about how Amherst now ONLY takes CC transfers! Amherst is a truly fantastic place!</p>

<p>"Any notable private schools on the east coast?"</p>

<p>Nope. Can't think of any.</p>

<p>you say you like the cold - have you spent a lot of time in NE type cold? If you're not used to it, it can get real old real fast.</p>

<p>I haven't, but I know I love cold weather. I need a break from so called "perfect weather."</p>

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<p>I know what you mean..I live in so cal too.. it gets kinda tiring:(</p>


<p>OP, Vanderbilt is not exactly on the East coast. It's in the South. If you tough it out, you probably could wear shorts throughout the year; it's not in an area with the kind of could weather you seem to be looking for.</p>

<p>Does the school have to be small and private? </p>

<p>Do you care if it is rural? </p>

<p>Does it have to be on the East Coast or is the Midwest ok?</p>

<p>Do you want a school that is intellectual or social?</p>

<p>Do you require financial aid?</p>

Does your phone do a spelling autocorrect? Vassals! LOL</p>

<p>As others have said, Vandy wont give you really cold, snow filled winters. Add Bates, Middlebury and Bennington to the list.</p>

<p>Alexabdre - I realize it's not technically on the east coast, its just really east from me, and I really want to go there. As for my preference between intellectual vs. Social, I prefer a more intellectual setting that will not bore me. I want place where I can attain a great education, while partying a fair amount.
I'd consider mid-west schools, another one of my top choices, even though its not private and on the east coast is, the university of Michigan.</p>

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<p>My son attends Wake Forest and his freshman roomate was from "The OC." We cracked up when he called the Winston-Salem winter "brutal." It's actually rather mild, compared to schools north of, say, Richmond. </p>

<p>Slylingual, be careful what you wish for. You might get it. ;)</p>

<p>Boston College, Brandeis, Johns Hopkins, Northeastern, Northwestern, Skidmore, Swarthmore, Tufts, and Vassar all accept transfer credits, accept less than half their applicants, have comparatively cold weather, and have psychology or something along those lines as a major. I used for you haha.</p>

<p>Davidson is a nice little college, but it's pretty selective and I don't know how many transfers are accepted each year.</p>

<p>One thing is sure Slylingual, if you want snow, Michigan is the place for you! ;) </p>

<p>Seriously, Michigan is a great place to spend one's undergraduate years.</p>

<p>I also second Boston College, Northwestern and Tufts. </p>

<p>None of those schools are easy to get into. As such, you really need to identify safeties.</p>