Any offers yet?

I was wondering if anyone had heard anything for 2015

yes, I know of a girl

anyone know when we’ll hear back from Chicago unifieds?

@tylerjohn When our D auditioned in January, Kaitlin said they would wait until after their last on campus auditions (Feb. 21-22) to make any final decisions. However, if it is a definite no sometimes Texas State will let you know quickly so you aren’t waiting on them. And there is a rumor that they made one offer (and it was accepted) to a girl in November. At this point I would say no news is good news.

I am about to embark on my callback next weekend! From reading all of these forum posts, i’m most definitely nervous! My theatre director is an alumni and talked up this BFA Acting program at Texas State my entire high school career. I can’t express how competitive I think it’s going to be next weekend. I have several friends from my theatre department who didn’t even get past the pre screening. Their highly selective. Does anyone have any information on their callbacks that occurred earlier this year? How many usually get called back for their acting program?

Any news?

Some priority holds were received today. Have not heard anything about offers or rejections.

Son received priority hold notice today via email and then about an hour ago got a phone call from Kaitlin inviting him to be a part of the next class. He is THRILLED!

S got an offer! He is so happy!

One of 8. Wow. Congrats!

Congrats to all on Priority Hold and those that have received calls!! I know of at least 2 boys and 1 girl that have been accepted as of now

Oh, more than that have been accepted. At least three girls for sure. The question is, will they accept? My PH D hopes not as she has not received a phone call.

My S hasn’t either. BL to your D @addicted2MT!!

My d is also on priority hold and has not gotten a call- she sure would like one best of luck to all!

There appear to be like 40 girls on Priority Hold. Sighhhhhh…

addicted2MT- HOw do you know that there are 40 girls on PH? Has anyone else heard of a girl getting an offer
yet? S knows of 2 girls on PH- One is his GF.

Is priority hold different in comparison to actually getting a phone call? How many wait lists are there? Is priority hold considered a wait list? Even though I didn’t audition for MT (I auditioned for the BFA Acting Program) i’m sure the decisions process will be the same. But I haven’t heard anything about acting or any waiting lists of that matter

I’m assuming there’s a difference between getting an offer and priority hold?

Kids post on their coach’s pages and friends talk and share numbers (no names) with each other…then there are the friends not associated with coaches who text friends about the latest news. As there is nothing else to do during this time of waiting, kids call/text each other for news and add up all of their data to pass the time knowing that “knowing” won’t change a thing.

@ActorsAlmanac‌ - Priority Hold means you made the final cut of applicants. We are assuming 40 girls, in this case. Unfortunately, out of those 40 they will only make offer to roughly six girls only. So close, yet so far away… Most Priority Holds will end up in rejections.I think it is safe to assume all initial offers have gone out by now. Depending on how many accept/turn down their offers, others on PH will receive offers, be put on Waitlist, or receive a final rejection letter.