Any ont accessed the site in the last half hour?

<p>Trying to log in ever since i woke up (Hong Kong time). Any one had access to the site in the past hour?</p>

<p>um, read around this board</p>

<p>hahahah.... funny</p>

<p>the site is back up but only with the cute little collegeboard message saying its unavailable.. oh well, better than just not loading at all...</p>

<p>I just logged on to see my scores, and I got through! I think that the site may be back up and running.</p>

<p>i just tried 5 mins ago and i got my scores!</p>

<p>nope servers down</p>

<p>i tried again and i was able to log in but then it said:
Temporarily Unavailable. </p>

<p>This site is temporarily unavailable.
We apologize for any inconvenience. Please come back shortly.</p>

<h2>Thank you. </h2>

<p>grrrr how come u got it 2 minutes after i posted.. wtf, why does cb hate me, lol</p>