Any opinions, comments or advice?

<p>My DD is considering RMC. We are currently planning on attending the Nov 19 open house. Curious to hear from others who are either attending RMC, considering attending,or alumni with any comments - or + about RMC.</p>

<p>My daughter almost went to RM. They offered great merit aid and she really liked everything except for the size. She ended up deciding to go to a school with about 4600 students and it feels right for her. Her cousin went there and loved it -she was on the swim team. They do have a lot of student athletes there. One negative is that many of the kids are from Richmond- even though it is a private school and they tell you they have kids from all over, the cousin said a lot went home on the weekends.
Good luck</p>

<p>Dado, my wife and S will also be at the Nov. 19 open house. I started a thread over in the parents forum you may want to look at (unless you're already on the road!)</p>

<p>Dado2Grls, I'd be interested in your impression of the Nov. 19 Open House. I posted some brief observations at <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>we visited several years ago whne my D applied to college. She actually thought the kids were friendly. She was particularly impressed with a professor who stopped on his way to class to chat with her. He urged her to do an overnight campus visit when it came down to narrowing her choices, and was very kind and patient with her questions.</p>