Any opinions on Abilene Christian University?

<p>Does anyone have any opinions (positive or negative) of Abilene Christian University? I know several folks whose kids have gone there and liked it, but they were Church of Christ (the denomination with which ACU is closely tied.) The tuition cost is a bit lower than other private schools of that size.</p>

<p>I hadn't considered it very seriously, but then I looked at the web site and they have a program where their Psych majors can graduate in 4 years with their bachelors and masters degrees.</p>

<p>Any opinions?</p>

<p>Anybody have any ideas?</p>

<p>Good school, very friendly admissions, scholarships based on ur SAT scores, my GC got her psychology degree frm there and she loved it</p>

<p>Was GC Church of Christ or other very conservative Christian denomination? We are Presbyterians, but are rather liberal.</p>

<p>I am guessing she is an Anglican, but there are lot of students from different religions there too. I never attend church and not a religious Christian, which she knows, but she recommended me to look into the school :).</p>

<p>It is extremely conservative. I know an Angligan young woman who attends and loves it, but she is from a tiny town in Texas, doesn't drink and is very conservative. Abilene isn't exactly a garden spot, either. If you like the particular program, it might be worth a visit, but this is not going to be your typical college experience (for better or worse).</p>

<p>One of our teachers graduated from there. The nicest, most polite young man I ever met! They raise them right!</p>