Any other Class of 2016 parents?

<p>Ok, it's a small college but there must be at least a handful of other parents here with a kid going to Earlham next year!</p>

<p>Happy to say that my daughter will be going there this fall.</p>

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<p>Oh yay, another EC parent!</p>

<p>Our DS will be joining the Earlham College class of 2016 also!</p>

<p>I found another student coming in the fall on another forum. I suggested that she come over here.</p>

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<p>We will drop off DS in July so he can attend the Wilderness Trip.</p>

<p>My kid opted out of the wilderness trip. I thought there was a 60% chance she'd go but she decided to stay home and continue working instead. We're starting to make some scheduling plans about move-in and we already made the hotel reservations. </p>

<p>Waiting for the Countdown web page to be activated on May 11:
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<p>Do your kids already know what they want to major in? Any plans already for certain extracurricular activities at Earlham?</p>

<p>No idea as of yet as to a major.</p>

<p>My youngest will attend Earlham in the fall. I happen to know a great deal about Richmond, so PM me if you think that I might have useful information.</p>

<p>Our son will also be attending Earlham. He's counting down the days!</p>

<p>Are all your incoming students participating in the official class of 2016 Faceb@@k page for the college? I think I was told there are over 100 first-years who have wandered over to that. There's also an unofficial 2016 FB group that was created so the incoming students could chat with each other and start getting to know their future classmates. Last I heard, there was something like 60 in that group. My kid is enjoying that one and really getting excited about meeting those classmates in August. Let me know if anyone needs direct links to those sent in a PM. </p>

<p>Is anyone already planning to participate in athletics, theater, music, equestrian team or barn co-op, study abroad, the farm? Is anyone a Bonner Scholar and going to that required early orientation for Bonner?</p>

<p>Kind of a re-post...<br>
PM me if your student needs the link to the unofficial Earlham class of 2016 Faceb00k group. There are already 95 incoming students in that group who are getting to know each other before they meet in person in August. There's a link to that group on the official EC class of 2016 FB page also but they may need to poke around a bit to see where it's mentioned.</p>

<p>woody, another activity on campus is Dance Alloy. I can answer questions about that one.</p>

<p>Dance Alloy is pretty awesome. Two of my friends will be co-convening that group next semester :)</p>

<p>nygiant: My son's going on Water Wilderness--like I did 34 years ago! Perhaps I will meet you at the welcoming exercises. We are coming back with the rest of his stuff for new student/parent orientation, too. (Even though the storage room is locked, we don't know if it is climate-controlled--and his "stuff" includes musical instruments!). Also I want to do the parent orientation stuff!</p>

<p>I was very excited to learn that my son will be in the same dorm I was in as a freshman (Bundy), but not quite as thrilled that he is in the basement! But he runs warm and is happy about it, as he expects it will be cool. I hope so for his sake! He hasn't heard back from his roommate yet--I hope he does before we leave for Wilderness.</p>

<p>There are both an official and unofficial EC 2016 FB page, both named "Earlham College 2016." The official one is the one with an icon of a photo of the mascot; the unofficial one has a shield with 2016 on it. The latter was more active but now it's switched around. There is indeed, as Woody35 notes, a group as well, and it's pretty big by now. You can PM me too, or search FB by my CC username Jobiska, and I can then tell you my son's FB searchable name (we both have pretty common real names so the search name is better) if your student wants to friend him and/or ask him about the group. But that would have to be before Thursday, when we leave!</p>