Any Pakistanis looking to apply to Princeton?

I’m an undergraduate at Princeton who grew up in Pakistan. Any 2020 hopefuls from Pakistan feel free to ask away!

I too am a Pakistan hopeful! I applied ED to Princeton

Please chance me!


  • 23 super-scored ACT
  • 2.87 weighted GPA
  • Captain of the racket ball club for three years
  • National Honors Society Member
  • Survived UAleppo and wrote my college essay about it

Hmm. I’m not sure your qualifications are 100% there. I had a 35 super-scored so you might want to aim for a more reasonable range (32-34) before you apply. Anyway, I wish you luck!

Applied to pton REA! How is the desi scene at princeton?

Pakistani expat from the UAE applying RD to Pton!
1470 SAT (hate myself for this but wanted to focus on school exams + essays)
720 Bio E, 790 Lit
Predicted a 45 on the IB + 11A*s for my IGCSE qualifications.
On a 50% academic scholarship at my school (only IB recipient in the entire school network)

academically, there’s that and a bunch of national and international distinctions when I was still studying the British curriculum.

can’t reeeally judge my essays for myself but others have told me it’s strong. i’d really love it if you could give it a read, though!!

IGCSE qualifications


define IGCSE qualifications so I can chance u. post essay too

@PrinceofPrinceton can you plz chance me I will be applying for Princeton as well.

Is Fsc acceptable to apply in USA specifically princeton university.

I am looking into it. Though, I highly doubt myself to be selected, but who knows.