Any partying?

<p>Hi I'm going to be a freshman at saint mikes in the fall and I am starting to second guess whether I chose the right school. I chose st. Mikes over UVM primarily because of financial reasons and now I am worried I won't have as much fun because of the small size and no partying. For me this is a big factor and I was just wondering whether saint mikes parties on the weekends or if that is only UVM. Thank you.</p>

<p>I’d say don’t sweat it- I’m confident that any student whose biggest concern is whether there’s enough partying at their school will be able to find plenty of parties to attend.</p>

<p>The S of one of our friends flunked out of St. Mike’s last year because he couldn’t maintain his grades because he made parties a priority. so, yeah, I guess some people have no problem finding parties at St. Mike’s.</p>

<p>There’s not too many colleges without partying. My oldest daughter transferred because there was too much partying.</p>

<p>Not from St Mike’s</p>

<p>If you can’t find a party in Burlington VT, you have a serious problem. The main concern should be how to avoid all the partying. </p>

<p>Also there is no problem walking around nude if you want, however it gets chilly in the winter.</p>

<p>When visiting Burlington this past summer we did notice a few girls walking around topless.</p>