Any Ph.D in museum studies?

<p>I am about to get my MA in museum studies at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. I am planning to apply for a Ph.D program associated with museum studies in the US. Now I only found that NYU has a program of curatorial studies and Case Western Reserve has a program of art history, both of the programs have something to do with museum studies. Can anyone give some advise on where to go or give me some other options? Thx a million!</p>

<p>Check out U Wisconsin, Madison.</p>

<p>Both Rutgers and Michigan State have advanced museum studies certificate programs that can be combined with their PhD in Art History program.</p>

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<p>What do you want to do with a PhD? Generally the senior positions have a PhD in history or art history or something of that sort. So you'd want to look into schools that have art history programs AND museum studies. But I doubt that you can get <em>that</em> much further with your MA.</p>