Any poets?

<p>I love writing poetry, is there any others out there and would you guys like to share some of your works, whether they be dark or funny. Here is one of mine...</p>

<p>What was once lost,
Is not once found.
What was once frost,
Now melted on ground.</p>

<p>What was a thought,
Is now a reality.
We have now fought,
Now look, the brutality.</p>

<p>Death is now life,
Life is now death.
Many had to perish,
Just for one breath.</p>

<p>Now look at us,
We are lost in position,
Completely covered in dust;
Lost in communication.</p>

<p>Titled "???"</p>

<p>sstewart, you may want to see Mapleleafs26's thread on the subject</p>

<p>perhaps I can send him a facebook message for him to send me any of his new ones</p>

<p>I like writing poetry. Unfortunately, as my rather one-sided discussions with my ban-prone friends (^) have proven, I don't know squat about actual poetry.</p>

<p>^^Title: Vision of a Survivor???</p>