any possibility for stanford transfer from uc berkeley

<p>how difficult would it be to transfer from berkeley to stanford? i am looking for a more intimate college atmosphere than berkeley, and while there are wonderful schools both in the midwest and on the east coast, certainly relocating from berkeley to palo alto would make things much less difficult, that is, if i have any chance whatsoever of acceptance. i am interested in a comp. lit. major with a creative writing minor. i do realize that stanford is more selective than berkeley, that perhaps, undergraduate-education wise it is on higher ground than berkeley. but i would just like to explore my options realistically, so i'd appreciate any advice you have to give.</p>


<p>What is your cumulative GPA? UC GPA? You'll need a more compelling reason than prestige for transferring.</p>

<p>it's not at all for prestige that i'm transferring. i am out of state and made a poor decision to attend berkeley out of state, paying an out of state fee (that i cannot afford next year) for this kind of impersonal education. professors absolutely don't care for the wellbeing of their students. some would argue differently, but berkeley is simply too impersonal for ME to thrive in. i am also looking seriously at boston university because its faculty are impressive, it's not nearly as prestigious; prestige is not a concern. but the fact that i am already in northern california, and stanford is a good private school in the same general location that i am already in makes it even more an appealing choice. i am only a freshman, so i'm unsure of my gpa as of now. my high school gpa was ~4.0 uw, 4.29 w, SAT 1420 (710 M, 710 V).</p>

<p>its true. students at cal are referred to by their "rank number" by some professors. sad.</p>

<p>How would you know that some Cal students are referred to by rank number? Do you go to Berkeley? Do you have any first-hand experience dealing with the Berkeley faculty or andministration? All you can do is speculate and rely on word of mouth, and that can be discouraging to some of the people on this board. I've noticed how cutting and altogether ignorant some of your comments are on this forum, and you don't seem to contribute anything of substance, or even anything I think anyone should acknowledge for that matter. I read your stats, about how you're a biochem major or whatever who is interested in UCs, and my impressions are that your lack of maturity is what should limit your chances rather than your intellect. Your comment about men being statistically superior in engineering and science-related fields was a contrived one, and a lame one at that. This is coming from a male. Step your game up...</p>

<p>so..anyone have any advice? please? lol.</p>

<p>Ha, wow fourstar23, obviously I'm not the only one who has some issues with the lack of substance common on this board.</p>

<p>Yeah you for sure aren't. I've been observing these boards for a while, but have only commented in recent, mostly because I'm sick of the misleading nonsensical crap that some people (cough, Kevintech, cough) have been posting. This forum's intent is to make the whole college admissions process a smoother transition, which is hardly what uninformed posters are doing. If anything, they are making things more difficult by making misleading posts.</p>

<p>(I'm a Cal alum)</p>

<p>Have you actually showed up to one your professor's office hours? You could even go to the OH of a professor that's not on your class chedule, especially those in your major department. Most of them get lonely during OH because nobody visits them and would be happy to talk about their research and interests, if anyone ever cared to visit. If you get some rapport with a professor in your major, you can even ask this same question on CC to him/her. You'll thrive at Berkeley a lot more if you are bold and take the initiative.</p>

<p>I'd say your chances aren't great. You'll have to have a very high GPA, SATs, and a good reason. It also doesn't bode well that you want to tranfer after 2 or 3 weeks of your first semester because it makes you seem a bit weak. I'm not saying you are, but I could see people drawing that conclusion. Like, "hey, this person is going to be unhappy anywhere if she's ready to crack after 2 weeks at her current school." I'd also warn you that lower division classes are going to be large and impersonal at stanford too. Its a misnomer that intro classes at Stanford are going to be intimate.</p>

<p>thanks for replying. yes i do to go office hours actually. lol i'm not 'ready to crack' though i'm perfectly fine. just thinking about what things will be like in the future if i am feeling this way now. as i said before though, even if i do come to enjoy the atmosphere at berkeley, it will be impossible to pay for it, what with continually increasing out of state costs. but this was my own bad judgment of course - i was the one who chose to come here after all. the more i look at transfer percentages at stanford, though, the more i think it's a bit unrealistic and too much of a gamble, so i will look elsewhere at a school where the transfer numbers are more favorable. ;]</p>

<p>Two questions: Why was in not until school had already started that you and your parents realized that you could only afford one year? And how much does stanford, or any other big name private school, cost? Because I bet they all cost more, even paying oos tuition.</p>

<p>my family's financial situation has changed. i do not need to attend a big name private by any means, but i would hope that any private school offers fin aid packages to atleast cover some of the expense. of course there's still a lot of uncertainty involved, but i can only try my best and hope for the best.. but in any case i'm not going to apply for stanford</p>