Any possible way of getting academic scholarship back

<p>Long story short, I go to a private college where I got a sizable academic scholarship out of high school. I was easily capable of getting fine grades there and for one semester I did, but the next 2 semesters I ended up completely ****ing myself over due to various emotinal issues and battling with depression. Unfortunately I was dumb enough not to medically withdraw or anything like that so I ended up just losing my scholarship as of now. As of late I have thought about my life and I'm 100% committed toward going back to school and I know that if I get another chance I can and will get the grades that I know I am capable of. Unfortunately it may be too late as the scholarship is gone. So I either bite the bullet and go to community college, which I am willing to do and work at if I have to, or attempt to get this scholarship back if it is in any way possible. Does anybody have any knowledge if this is remotely possible? I do not know how to approach that problem at all and wonder if there is even any sense trying. I would give anything to be placed back on scholarship under probation or anything to allow me to show that I should be given another chance but I feel like it is probably not very realistic that that would even happen.</p>

<p>It is unlikely for you to get back your scholarship, though you can always ask. You should work on your Plan B.</p>

<p>Community college is a great place for students who need to regroup and work on their gpa. Do you want to eventually return to your private college (even if the scholarship is permanently gone)? If so, ask their policies about being academically reenstated as well as their policies about taking courses at other colleges.</p>

<p>If you don't want to return to your original college, after a year or so of good grades at a community college, you will have the option to apply as a transfer student to other 4year colleges.</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>Agree, you can certainly ask your college but do be prepared if the answer is sorry, no, that ship has sailed with regard to your scholarship. Many college take the position that with the gift of a break in tuition in the form of scholarship, you the recipient promise to work at a certain level and once lost it is not given back... so all you can do is ask. Do have a Plan B for the balance of your education if you current college is not a feasible financial option without the scholarship.</p>