Any questions for a current student?

<p>If anyone has questions, I am currently a student at UCSC (I'm in Cowell, but know quite a bit about the other colleges, too). I know that while applying/waiting, I had a lot of questions, so I'll do my best to answer any you have!</p>

<p>I'm only a junior and so I obviously have not applied yet, but I still have a few questions.</p>

<p>1) Do you like UCSC? And what are some things that you like of dislike about it?
2)How hard are your classes? And what are taking
3) What are most people like at UCSC? Are there a lot of hippies or is it mostly normal people?</p>

<p>Good questions, and I'll try my best to answer. </p>

<p>1.) I really do like UCSC so far. LIKES: The campus is gorgeous, and each day I feel amazed that I live here. I love the city of Santa Cruz, it's great to just go down there and walk around, and I always feel safe. I love my classes so far, the professors are all very open and friendly, and even in my class of 180 I feel that the professor is accessible. The people are pretty great so far, and I love the variety of people here. There are always new people to meet, so you never feel trapped or alone. DISLIKES: I sometimes wish it were easier to get into the classes you want, or there were more of a variety of classes available to freshmen and sophomores. I also feel that in the dorms, depending on who you hang out with, its hard to escape an atmosphere of partying. For many people, the weekend always = drinking. This hasn't been a huge issue for me, because I've found people who aren't really into that, but just be aware that, like any other college, UCSC has partying.
2.) My classes are challenging but manageable. I have a lot of reading to do, and papers to write, but I don't feel suffocated so far. It makes it so I can enjoy the classes and what I'm learning with out stressing too much. I'm taking the Cowell Core Course (each UCSC freshman takes a core course, which is like an english/writing class), an astronomy class, a 70s Film class.
3.) There are all kinds of people at UCSC, it just really depends where you look and it differs between the colleges. At Cowell, Stevenson, 8/9/10, etc. there are mostly just kind of normal people, with a slight hippie leaning, and definitley most people are liberal. At Kresge, Porter, etc. you will find more of a concentration of hippie-types. But overall, everyone is tolerant and friendly, and even if you are not a "hippie" you will feel at home here. Just in my building, there are hippies, studious types, jock/frat-types, gothic types, a really conservative kid, and then just normal, cool people.
I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions!</p>

<p>My bros a current student in cowell!</p>

<p>hows the chemistry program over there? =O</p>

<p>I'm a current student at College Ten, and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.</p>

<p>I wasn't aware that UCSC had multiple colleges too, is it like UCSD's college system? And how come I wasn't asked to rank the colleges like with UCSD. When do you choose, why and what's the basic summary for each.</p>

<p>college 10 w0ot w0ot!</p>

<p>Anyone have questions about Cowell (particularly Morison building), don't hesitate to ask or PM me.</p>

<p>How's the party scene there?</p>

<p>Its pretty good. There are a lot of campus-sponsored parties; when that doesn't work, or when its alcohol they crave, people sometimes throw mini-parties in their rooms. However, as a freshman/sophomore, you are not allowed to have alcohol in your room/be in a room with alcohol; In addition, the campus CRAs/CSOs/RAs are very prevelant on campus (at least in my building). So attending these gatherings is something of a risk. I have had several close calls, and a lot of people in my building have been written up (repeatedly).</p>

<p>What happens when you get written up, can you get kicked out of on-campus housing if it happens X amount of times?</p>

<p>Also how's life outside of campus in Santa Cruz itself?</p>

<p>My neighbors were actually kicked out of the dorms because they have gotten too many writeups (not sure how many); I know that if you get written up 4 (or 5 - cant remember) times, you are barred from living in the apartments.</p>

<p>does ucsc have a good psych program??</p>


Not sure. I know that UCSC is good for Marine Bio though.</p>

<p>the thing is that i have just decided to go for my Ph.D in psych (at least that's my goal). I have been told that i need a strong foundation(undergrad) so they encourage me to go to ucla. i have been thinking about it and i dont think i would be happy in LA. I'm more of an outdoors kinda guy and UCSC looks great.</p>

<p>UCSC has a very good psych program - intro to psych classes are always incredibly popular and there are a lot of psych majors here. It's one of UCSC's largest, most popular majors I think.</p>

<p>Do you know if students can take the game design courses in the computer science division, if they are not in the game design major?</p>

<p>Sorry I am not sure about that, but you might try looking on the website, or a quick phone call could answer your question.</p>

<p>how expensive is living in santa cruz? if i attend ucsc i will be a graduate student, and although i may live on or off campus, i am interested in the cost of social activities and food not related to the university.</p>