Any questions?

I’m a rising sophomore and RA at Gettysburg. I am really bored and if any incoming freshmen have any questions they want to ask about anything regarding the school or freshman year, I’ll be glad to answer.

Dad of incoming freshman here! Smart, fun loving, non substance using daughter. Where is she likely to find her people, in your view? Also: I’m concerned about her surviving September without AC. Justified concern?

As long as your daughter is open to being friends with people who might drink or party more than her, she should be able to find her people anywhere. I don’t drink or anything either, and had this concern before last year. In high school, I was very judgmental of people who did drink and party, and that closed me off a bit. I changed that at Gettysburg, and I have made some incredible friends. (They’re not huge drinkers or party goers, but still people who I would have distanced myself from in high school just because of my attitude about it). That’s not to say there is nobody else who doesn’t drink; there are people. But not using substances will not close her off from making friends anywhere she goes, as long as she has the right mindset. For me, my best friends all came from my dorm.
As far as the A/C issue, it depends where she is housed. Huber and Hanson have central air and are more bearable. If she is placed in a different dorm, you can file for an A/C unit with a doctors note saying she has “allergies” and the school should give one no problem. It is southern PA, so it’ll be hot. But even without an A/C, a box fan and an open window will make it bearable. Hope this helped! Sorry for the late response. Forgot I started this thread, haha.

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I’ve searched online for pictures of Paul Hall rooms and I can’t find any that show a closet. Do you have any idea what the closets are like in those rooms?

How do the students share the one bookshelf typically? Is it mounted to the wall?

Noticed at frosh move in that a number of what appeared to be doubles in Rice had a third bed in them. What have you heard about over enrollment, please?