Any RD applicants here?

Are your statuses still "All Required Documents Have Been Received
" ?

That is what my daughter’s still says.

Alright thanks

Yes, same for son

Looks like decisions won’t come for another month

I had a friend who applied RD and just received acceptance, honors, and scholarship. Are the decisions out for everyone?

D applied RD at we received decision today via email with directions to view applicant portal.

Hey I just received my acceptance to Northeastern and my acceptance for honors. I was scared that I was denied. I’ve never knew that they sent decisions this early. Congratulations to your friend @rvakid . I also received the excellence scholarship for 12,000 a year.

I just got my acceptance to northeastern and the honors college too. I thought I’d be waiting till March. Congrats bedfordchild on getting in!

Hello, I received my application decision just this hour.
To give an example of how the scholarships are like, I was accepted into the University Honors Program with a Dean’s Scholarship (22k for freshman year, 11k each semester from there).
I wish everyone here the best of luck!

Son accepted tonight. $30k scholarship. Business school. Applied RD.

I just got my decision. Accepted with the Hispanic Honors Scholarship. $30000 first year with $15000/term after. Very excited!

Just got my acceptance into the business school and the Honors Program with Dean’s Scholarship!!

Son just received same. Acceptance plus $30k NHRP scholar. So excited. He’s got some interesting decisions to make now!

No decision here so I’m assuming the rest of us will hear sometime in March. Congratulations everyone!

Hey I got my acceptance decision today and was wondering where in your acceptance letter there was a mention of of scholarships? My letter had the generic you are fit for this school message following by my congratulations, does that mean I did not receive a scholarship?

Did anyone who was deferred in EA hear back tonight? I didn’t get any decision tonight.

Son accepted tonight and offered $30K national hispanic recognition scholarship but not invited to honors which seems a bit odd. His SAT was high, 750 math, 750 cr, 710, writing; perhaps gpa a bit below the requirement, 93.5 weighted. Don’t know the unweighted. Very excited tho. Still waiting on some other schools before making a choice. Is not being in honors really much of a disadvantage I wonder?

In the past , NM meant guaranteed Honors program, but it looks like that’s changed. Now the scholarship page says “Northeastern National Merit, National Achievement, and National Hispanic Scholars will receive priority consideration for The University Honors Program.” You’re probably right that the GPA was an issue for the people in honors.

I wouldn’t let Honors be make-or-break in your decision. There are some good opportunities if you useful advantage of them, but I don’t think it’s been the thing that’s made the biggest difference in my experience here. If it’s something your son really does want to be a part of, though, it is possible to apply to join after your first or second semester if you have a high enough GPA.

Thanks nano. We’ve got a lot of interesting information to absorb. This was totally unexpected after seeing how competitive Northeastern has become. And totally didn’t expect to hear this early. Application submitted Dec 1, regular decision.