Any reason to wait to commit?

D22 was accepted to her first choice school last week and is antsy to commit. I keep saying let’s wait and see, but frankly I can’t see there being a better opportunity. I’m not sure what there is to wait and see. All of her other apps are in and paid for so she’ll still be notified. I guess I’m just looking for any reason that pulling the trigger “prematurely” may not be wise. This is also the lowest priced option unless she were to receive more merit elsewhere than expected. Any thoughts?

Commit and pay deposit. You can change before May1. All you lose is the deposit.

Merit or honors colleges would be a good reason to wait.

Really no reason to commit now. Maybe something bizarre like campus is damaged by a hurricane could change things? 7 months is an eternity in Teenage years.

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Your choice. There is probably no advantage to committing early (check if it impacts housing status)…but if you can afford to lose the deposit (in the event something unexpected comes up in terms of other acceptances, extraordinary merit aid elsewhere etc.) and your D wants to commit that is fine. It probably will take a load off of your D’s mind. So IMO feel free to send in the deposit, order a hoodie, and congratulate your D on a job well done!


I recommend wait and see unless your DD has visited all of the schools. My DD wanted to commit to what she thought was her first choice in October. But she hadn’t visited all of the schools she applied to. In April she chose a different school. Kids change their minds.


Thanks for the feedback so far. I agree teens are finicky so that makes me want her to wait just in case. But it’s the (nearly) best program likely best price and she loved the campus. We have toured all of the schools she applied to. Clemson is a close second for “feel” for her but they don’t announce until mid February and I think she won’t wait that long honestly.

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As a teenager, I wish my life felt like it was passing that slowly.

Lol. Enjoy it while you can. I was really pointing out how quickly teens can change their mind. Next April the OP’s top college could fall out of favor. Stay safe.

Sometimes a school that is on a kid’s list and isn’t their favorite rolls out the red carpet with merit money, honors college, and a grad program. If the other schools on her list do not have a niche program or prize merit, that would make commiting easier.


I saw your reply in Pitt :wink:
That’s Ds first choice. We are also in state so very affordable and she did get the MSN/DNP GAP. Frankly didn’t think she’d be accepted to nursing test optional so feeling grateful. We’ll ride it out a bit and maybe circle back for a second look soon. Thanks for your feedback!

I think her offer at Pitt is tremendous, I really do. We are over the moon here with this Pitt Law offer on top of the regular admission.

The whole process is something that unfolds. She can totally commit now. But if she gets a big merit deal from somewhere, will she be open to it if she has commited?

Worst case, she goes to Pitt in that amazing nursing program!

How much is the deposit? How bad will it hurt losing it if she changes her mind?

Depending on the school, committing early could put her in the front of the line for a housing choice (although it sounds like your D received an awesome offer which may include a housing bump already).

It’s only $300. Hubby wants to visit again first (which will cost us more than the deposit lol)

I don’t at all think she is settling, but I do think she yearns to feel “done.” Thanks for your thoughts.


Has she visited Clemson? My daughter is a freshman there, just went to her first home game. She is literally having the best time of her life (and making sure she gets her work done so fun can be had, is pledging a sorority already, but she’s very social and loves to be doing something all of the time). I think merit from both Pitt and Clemson was similar? It got crazy, she applied to 20 schools, and flew down to Clemson the last week of April right before decisions needed to be made. She never toured Pitt, or several other colleges, due to lack of time and closed campuses. My older kids had opportunities to visit the schools they chose more than once, my 20 year old favorite and current university was in 3rd place her first visit, but moved up each time.

You’re D is definitely not settling with that offer. It will be tough to beat. Especially with clinical facilities on-campus. Full disclosure, I’m a Pitt grad and wife is a CRNA. Good luck.


Hey! I almost reached out to you because we were looking at a lot of the same schools! We did visit Clemson in May for a guided tour. She liked it a lot but the split cohort and (potential) travel to Greenville isn’t ideal to her. She also worries a little about the conservatism that she may find there. She’s a bleeding heart liberal. Definitely no deal breakers if she didn’t get into Pitt, but not sure it can top it. And frankly she’s very on the bubble to even get in! We shall see! Udel is my biased fave (alum and closest to home) but it can’t compete based on rankings, cost, access to clinicals etc.

I am so glad your daughter is loving Clemson and happy with her choice.

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It’s not the easiest place to get to, that’s for sure! My daughters all lean left, Clemson is definitely our family’s most conservative college, I’m planning on asking my daughter about it, but SO many students are from the northeast. I think clini also would be more diff as well. My UD daughter just interviewed for UD’s DPT program yesterday, very lucky with the center on campus. Your daughter must be thrilled to have a solid acceptance at her top pick. UD was the cheapest out of those 3 for my kids.

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Pitt parent here. If your daughter’s stats are in the range that she may be awarded merit, you may want to hold off on committing. Pitt awards merit separate from admissions and in past years merit awards were released through February. Since merit is primarily a tool to attract excellent students, I wonder if an early commitment might cause them not to award merit. There is no harm in waiting. Pitt doesn’t do housing based on commitment date like some other schools. I know she is eager to commit, but holding off a few months may be good for your pocketbook.


We are in state, with “average excellent stats” so I don’t expect she will be awarded any merit, but that is a good point to consider!

Also, check out the Stamps and Norden erg Scholarships at Pitt if she’s in state. Very competitive, but huge prizes. Full ride and 1 is full tuition, I believe. Stamps at be for all applicants and Nordenberg for PA residents.