Any Regular Decision Acceptance?

Its 2:06AM in Cali
I’m too nervous and worried
Haven’t got back from any schools that I hope to get in for yet T^T
Anybody got their offers?

I haven’t gotten anything either but I think I saw a few people saying that Pratt sends out their decisions in late march/early april! I’m with you about being nervous though haha

Accepted RD architecture. Just received an email.
ACT 32 GPA 3.96 UW

My daughter was just was accepted to Fashion Design today

Got accepted today. RD Architecture

I checked my email and saw that I was accepted too! i applied pretty close to the deadline so I was expecting something a bit later (i applied for 2d animation if anyone’s curious!)

Congratulations :smiley:

@Bnanamlk I hope you hear from them soon! good luck!

Just got an email. I was accepted. I am a transfer into the film program with a 3.5 gpa. Did anyone hear about scholarships or financial aid in their emails or do they send that info in letter form?

I got my scholarship information in the mail as well as the acceptance folder a few days after they sent me an email on the 23rd. I hope you hear back soon!