Any schools with a Ice skating teams?

<p>haha i find them SO rare to find i know UMINN-TC has a ice skatey cheer team but i was wondering what other schools have them! Help Pleaseee</p>

<p>I think Cornell might? I'm not 100& positive, but I remember hearing that.</p>

<p>I -think- Middlebury</p>

<p>US Figure Skating lists 90 colleges with skating teams as of September 2009. You can find the link on the USFS web site by clicking on "Programs" and then going to "Collegiate." There are two main types of college teams: synchronized skating and individual skating where skaters from a college do individual skills and are scored as part of a team from their college. There are some colleges that have both types of teams. </p>

<p>Synchronized skating teams tend to be more prominent at midwest colleges, and most notably Miami of Ohio has a fully funded varsity program with teams at the Senior, Collegiate, Junior and Open Collegiate levels. Michigan State, University of Michigan, Western Michigan, and Adrian College (also fully funded varsity) are teams in Michigan. University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, Illinois State, Notre Dame, and Indiana University also have teams. I am sure that I am missing many more midwest teams, and I apologize to those skaters. There are many teams in the east as well including Boston University, Cornell University, Darmouth College, Syracuse University, and Princeton University. There are also collegiate teams that are made up of consortia of colleges in several different areas such as Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston. </p>

<p>Kelly Hodge at USFS is a marvelous resource and is the contact for collegiate skating. She can direct you to resources to start your own skating team is there isn't one at your school.</p>

<p>Good luck in your search!</p>

<p>thank you! haha i had found the list before but it confirmed that it was a good sight to use, well its basically the standard website haha tehres only 8 schools i LIKE that have them though =/</p>