Any Shot At All?

<p>WM from MA, strong public school; 3.38GPA out of 4.0 (mainly all advanced-level and 3APs); 700M/620CR/540W; 690MathII, 660 USHistory; pres. of language club (2ys); varsity sport (4ys); few other ec’s, little volunteering, summer job; father/grandfather alums; no $ needed.</p>

<p>Looking for honest thoughts on my chance, probably to school of ed. or liberal arts as I want to be a foreign language teacher.</p>


<p>I think you have a decent shot with the legacy and all. It's not like your grades are average. Little volunteering might hurt you, but I didn't have any on my app when I applied. This was in 04 and I still got in. However, your presidency and varsity sport participation will hopefully offset that. I'd probably emphasize the foreign language teacher aspect of your app. I think it's always interesting when guys go into the education field. You usually see pre-med or CSOM with guys lol.</p>

<p>Good luck with your app! Hope you become an Eagle!</p>