any slackers for emotional support?

<p>so who is still working on the application/essays/resume/supplemental stuff..????...when are you gonna be sending your stuff in?</p>

<p>I am.I will be sending my stuff on 1st Nov.</p>

<p>Same here.</p>

<p>ok...why does the application supplement say submit date nov. 1??? still means postmark right...? and not that they should have it by the 1st?? parents are yelling at me because they think it should reach by the 1st?



<p>Same here! I'm not sure if I should do optional essay; does it really matter?</p>

<p>i'm doing one and i've heard that you should do one if you have something important to add...if you're satisfied with the rest of your app then don't bother...</p>

<p>Final postmark deadline for Common Application, Harvard Application Supplement, Personal Statement, School Report, and Teacher Evaluations. Mark all forms clearly "for EARLY ACTION consideration."
Following the recommendation of NACAC adopted at their national meeting on Saturday October 2nd, Harvard will extend the Early Action deadline by two weeks from November 1 to November 15 for Florida applicants. This is due to the devastation of the several hurricanes this fall. </p>

<p>straight from the web site... i wondering what colleges would do about the Florida situation and I think its fair...</p>

<p>SO it the app must be postmarked- how is this date differ if you submit online?!</p>

<p>well, for what its worth i fedexed all of my stuff yesterday. it should be there by mon/tues. </p>

<p>that said i think you shouldnt send in your app until you feel satisfied with it. so dont feel pressured to send in early if you think it isnt ready. i doubt that the bonus pts you get by doing so outweighs the emotional preparation needed to let the app go.</p>

<p>so what are y'alls essays about?</p>