Any SMFA combined degree program people?

<p>Is anyone else applying for the five year program? I already got accepted to SMFA, but am still waiting on Tufts...</p>

<p>I am the mother of a Southern California applicant. She was accepted by SFMA and like you are waiting to hear from Tufts. We have lots of questions about how the program will work for her. We are planning to attend the welcome at SFMA on Sunday April 9.</p>

<p>Hey guys! I'm currently a freshman and a 5 year combine degree student. We call ourselves the Elephinos because tufts mascot is an Elephant and the SMFA is a Rhino. Pretty clever huh? HA HA. ANyway this is a FABULOUS program, but a little disorganized and the way to really find out how things work is to talk to the kids in the program i think. If you're REALLY dedicated to both art and academics this is the best program of the east coast in my opinion. Granted i'm biased, but regardless there really aren't too many other options like this. The up side is the well rounded education, but it is a lot of work. Mostly time at the SMFA (classes are 3 hours each) but to me it's a great way to relax and get into boston (an awesome city by the way!) The SMFA is, obviously, right next to the MFA which means we go there during class sometimes to reference specific works. IT'S AMAZING!!! Recently they changed the requirement for this program by increasing the number of credits you get per class and simultaneously decreasing the number of credits you need to finish. THANK GOD, because now the program is MUCH MORE MANAGABLE. For instance this semester i'm taking 4 classes at tufts (a regular load) and i go to hte SMFA from 2-5 on Monday and from 9-5 on Friday. It's nice to set Fri. aside for art. This is a small load in my opinion and totally enjoyable. If you do get accepted to Tufts and want some more advice, or if you'd like to meet up you can e-mail me @ <a href=""></a> i also know many other kids in the program if you want a variety of opinions!! GOOD LUCK!!!</p>