Any Spring 22 applicants here?

Hey! I’m applying to transfer into the FBM program Spring 22. Anyone else here applying then?

i am! im planning on going in for spring… kind of bummed out i won’t be there for fall 2020 but it is what it is

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Nice! Were you already accepted and deferred? Or are you applying for Spring this summer? What major are you going for?

i’m applying for the spring this summer! i’m gonna apply to FBM as well! what about you?

Yes applying as a transfer from community college! I’m aiming for the one-year program. We’ll have to stay in touch when applications open up in August so we can discuss during the process lol!! Are you transferring from another college?

i’m actually a current senior and i’ll be going to CC for two semesters and transfer for spring! or i’ll complete a year at CC and apply again on Fall 2022 but i’m looking more into the spring! and ofc, my insta is @/leaningdinero if anything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: