Any stats for ED1 vs. ED2?

Have you read/know off any stats for ED1 vs. ED2?

DD2024 has 2 great schools as her top choices.
School 1 is a bit more generous with financial aid (vs BC), but according to Naviance, it seems to reject most/all of the applicants from our HS.

She’s concerned that if she shoots her shot by ED to school1 (and gets rejected)
and then she ED2 BC, but because she didn’t ED1 BC, she’ll be rejected with ED2 to BC.

Would it be less risky to just ED1 BC?

sample stats:

Boston College ED I:
Class of 2027 Early Admission Rate
ED1 30%

Class of 2026 Early Admission Rate
ED I and ED II: 28%
(calculated across both early decision rounds)


The admit rate for EDI and EDII at BC seems to be very similar. Here are stats for this year:
EDI 2,928 applicants/878 accepted 29.9% admit rate
EDII 1,505 applicants/452 accepted 30% admit rate
Source is College Kickstart.

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One thing we don’t know from these stats is the strength of the applicant pool in EDII vs. EDI. Is the ED II pool more competitive because it is made up of mostly higher stat students who applied EDI to colleges more selective than BC and got deferred or denied? This is a very tough decision for your daughter. Can your high school counselor give you some insight on why students from your high school have not been successful at choice #1 college? How far apart are her first choice college and BC in terms of her interest? Would she be happy at BC or would she always be wishing she tried for choice #1?

I was going to post the same concern:
“ED II pool more competitive because it is made up of mostly higher stat students who applied EDI to colleges more selective than BC and got deferred or denied”.

She likes both colleges,
School1 more for the intangible:

  • it’s further away from home

She likes BC because she can meet up with big brother for Ramen in Cambridge/Boston.

Both School1 and BC are Reaches for her, and hoping the ED gives it a little bit of a positive nudge, because

  • her GPA is rather low and she will only have 2 APs classes total (HS offers ~20)
    – unweighted 3.64 (hoping to finish Jr year with 3.7)
    – weighted 3.96 (hoping 4.1)
  • female (both schools have more female applicants than male)
  • not a recruited athlete (is 1 sport Varsity)
  • not legacy


  • ACT 33 (aiming for 35)
  • Latina
  • Passion Project

Major: undecided/History

Her HS guidance counselor is new this year,
and our Naviance has a glitch:

  • only the Scattergram seems to be accurate
  • the data is wrong in Bar Chart, which shows the data per year.

As you can see, 7 green Accepted checkmarks in Scattergram,
but only 2 Accepted in 2019 Bar chart
(nothing else since 2016 when our Naviance started).

So we can’t tell how many students have been accepted since 2020, with the diminishing acceptance rate.


Boston College

Keep in mind that the ED1 pool will include most of the the “hooked” applicants (ex. recruited athletes, children of huge donors etc.). This could bring down the stats of those accepted in the ED1 round.

  1. Anyone want to Chance my daughter for BC?
    Her GPA is too low and transcript not challenging enough?

  1. Exact same dilemma from 2019 thread:
  • ED1: compete against hooked: athletes/legacy/URM/1st get
  • ED2: compete against more competitive stats applicants that were rejected from other ED


I don’t have information specifically for BC, but I recently read (saw?) something from an AO at another college (that I can’t remember) that said this about ED1 versus ED2 versus RD:

To some extent, it is easier to get in the earlier you apply because the “buckets“ that you fit in have less chance of already being filled. If you are a piccolo player who crochets, that profile is less likely to have already been admitted if you apply ED1.

The AO said that, for her college at least, the academic threshold is the same for all rounds.

ETA: oh, I see the middle comment in that picture says the same thing


Do you know, or at least have a sense, for where your daughter’s GPA puts her in terms of class rank? Often, even if your school doesn’t officially rank, there are ways to figure that out, or sometimes students have a pretty good understanding of where they fall.

And, what factored into her taking a small number of AP classes? Since quite a few are offered and she just decided to take two, her school counselor may not be able to give her the highest rating for strength of curriculum. So, if there’s a reason for why she decided to take certain classes, that might be helpful information to have.

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BC really values service, so if your D could show demonstrated interest in helping others, that might offset the low GPA. Saying that, GPA is very important to BC.

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From the charts you shared it looks like one student was accepted to BC with stats in line with your daughter’s. The other school appears to accept no one with a weighted gpa below a 4.2 or so (from your school). Given that, I’d go with BC in ED1 to maximize her chances.

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