Any stone left unturned?

<p>My daughter has been accepted at Baylor University for the fall. While we had been planning for this moment in some ways, we never expected the curveballs we were thrown this year. Our home burned in January, right in the middle of time for applying for scholarships. We managed a few, but needless to say my daughter was too distracted to do an adequate job. We finally settled in a rental property when my husband became ill and was diagnosed with stage four cancer. The diagnosis would have been serious enough by itself, but he was between jobs and we have no health insurance for him. He has spent 90 of the last 94 days in four different hospitals and the medical bills and travels costs are killing us. Fortunately my husband does begin receiving SSA Disability next month which will help tremendously.</p>

<p>I do not want our daughter to give up Baylor. The cost per year is approximately $41000. She has received a financial aid package of scholarships, grants, loans and Work Study totaling $31000. One of her scholarships is based solely on SAT scores. If she can raise her highest score 10 points she will get an extra $2000 per year. She is taking the SAT Saturday but not sure she will be able to focus since we almost lost my husband this last weekend. We also have two applications for state grants that are still pending.</p>

<p>Our only alternative seems to be a Parent PLUS loan which terrifies me due to the enormous medical bills we have. I have a little saved and she is working this summer, but is in the middle of major dental work which she is paying for herself.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any ideas for something I might have missed? I have wracked my brain but can't think of anything. She has lost so much this year-There has to be a way to make this work.</p>

<p>I am very, very sorry that your family is trying to deal with all of this -- a house fire or stage IV cancer would each be enough to tip me over, much less trying to cope with both, plus hospital bills, at the same time.</p>

<p>Have you emailed the financial aid office at Baylor with information about your medical expenses, her dental expenses, and the house fire to see if they can make an adjustment? </p>

<p>Have you spoken with her guidance counselor at the high school to see if he or she has any thoughts as to any possible grants that might still be available locally? </p>

<p>Ten thousand dollars is a big gap, particularly if her FA package already includes the max in Stafford loans. Given your own financial situation, taking on Parent Plus loans could end in the situation that you might get them for one year, but then be unable to qualify in later years. That's a real problem.</p>

<p>If Baylor doesn't work, was your daughter admitted to some other schools? Perhaps the guidance counselor can intercede to see if admission can be accepted at this later date because of the major change in family circumstances.</p>

<p>Again, I'm extremely sorry for all that you're having to deal with.</p>

<p>We have 0 EFC so Baylor is doing as much as they can. She was given a scholarship we actually missed a deadline on, so they are really trying to help. All the scholarships locally were given out last month, and so that is not an option. Most of them were likie $500 anyway. </p>

<p>She applied to two other schools, but we wouldn't be in much better shape because their financial aid packages did not include the scholarships Baylor is able to offer.</p>

<p>Thank you for your thoughts and the kind words!</p>

<p>One thing that worked for us was contacting local foundations requesting information on possible scholarships. One involved an alum from the school S now attends. S received significant support his first year and after receiving his first term update, the foundation pledged continued support for next year. I'd suggest researching your area for altruistic Baylor alums and explain your circumstances. You may be heart-warmingly surprised by the response.</p>