any students willing to discuss Temple's placement courses with me

<p>Hi, i'm a mom and may want to handle some of this with private messages. just want to find out how hard these tests are and should kid study beforehand? Can he retake if he does not like scores and will higher scores allow him to place out of any classes and/or earn college credits? are there any other tests he could take to potentially place out of some classes? there are very limited AP options at his high school. thanks. </p>

<p>Placement has a few factors that come into play such as placement test scores and tests like SAT/ACT. I won’t lie, I actually did the math practice temple gave prior to taking the actual placement test. Students are allowed to appeal and retake tests if they are not satisfied with their placement. However, retakes are usually done during orientation or you have to come to Temple’s main campus (Philadelphia) to retake. High scores do not earn you credit. However, they get you out of some annoying classes like First year writing courses and algebra-pre-calc. I recommend that students take the classes they are recommended (after a retake if they haven’t done well) because if you do not have the basic skills they expect you to have then you are going to get hit pretty hard in your actual courses. For example, my mosaic professors expected everyone to have strong reading and writing skills since individuals either took the lower level courses or passed out. Calculus professors also expect you to have extremely strong algebra and pre-calc skills. The tests are more reading comprehension to writing and math up to pre-calc. If you have specific questions, feel free to inbox me. I’m on spring break so I should be able to get back to you as soon as I get a chance.</p>