any suggestions for deferral?

I applied to Hamilton under ED II and got deferred. I just wonder, is deferral more of a polite denial or do they really plan to re-evaluate you in the regular pool?</p>

<p>And since I am an international student, I have waived the expository prose requirement. Do you think it will help if I try to come up with a prose and submit it as an additional writing sample?</p>

<p>Thank you in advance!</p>

<p>I think it would really be helpful (and would bolster your interest) if you submitted some sort of writing sample, maybe with a note explaining the assignment if it doesn't fall into the generic expository category.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure Hamilton defers few students, so I'm assuming that your application will be reevaluated. Good luck; hope to see you on the Hill!</p>

<p>i'm also an international student and there's no such thing as writing sample in my school. so i tried to write an essay and asked for my teacher's comment and DONE! and yeah, i was accepted ed ii. you should keep in mind that hamilton places much importance on writing and if you don't send the writing sample, they will look at your essay on the SAT.</p>