any suggestions?

<p>First of all, I took a practice math in the Blue book (test 7?) and got 4 wrong... one I didnt know how to do, one I thought I had right, and two wrong in which I DIDNT READ THE PROBLEM CORRECTLY... How can I fix this problem. In this case, I could have gotten only 2 wrong which is much better than 4... any suggestions?
Also, how can I improve my CR section? My ACT score was a 31 for reading, and I feel that by studying for the ACT, I helped my reading score-- but I have not taken a practice reading for the SAT in months. When I took the official SAT, I only got a 600 on CR.... any tips for improvement in the next 3 or so weeks? Thanks guys! Aiming for a 2100 (700+ on all sections)!!</p>

<p>As for the math, there's no magic fix; just be VERY careful. I always tell my students that a mistake that comes from misreading the question is a good mistake to make on a practice test, because you'll remember how angry it made you when you take the real thing.</p>

<p>To improve your reading score, take a practice test, and then spend as much time going over it as you spent taking it. Try to recognize patterns in the mistakes you're making. Ask yourself, as you bubble in answers, how you would defend those answers if you had to go over the test right afterwards with a teacher. What lines would you point to to justify your choice of (A)?</p>

<p>thanks. Ill be hitting the books hard in the next couple weeks.</p>

<p>When you do a practice test, don't just look at your score and think, "I need to improve that, onto the next practice test." The most important part is analyzing the questions you got wrong and learning how to do them.</p>