Any tales of introverts in IBanking

<p>Granted I'm not socially inept; I can answer interview questions and maintain a conversation, but I'm not a talkative ******bag that talks incessantly. My image of an investment banker is the latter and I was wondering if there were any introverted people in the business? Maybe I should just look to another career choice now? Not trolling, I really am somewhat introverted compared to my mental image of an investment banker (Ari Gold)</p>

<p>Some introversion is fine, especially at the junior level, as long as you're not socially awkward. If you want to be a successful MD though, realize you'll be doing a lot of pitching/client-facing activities</p>

<p>I'll probably move on to venture capitalism.. or something..
Do you think its possible to change personalities?</p>

<p>I think a few years in banking will probably affect your personality</p>

<p>^Definitely true.</p>

<p>But, OP, not every Ibanker is a pompous Ivy Leaguer who walks around Wall Street acting like a self-assertive d**k. In actuality, very few are Ivy Leaguers and even fewer work in NY.</p>

<p>And... <em>facepalm</em> Ari Gold isn't an investment banker. Neither is- surprise, surprise- Gordon Gekko or Bud Fox. Jacob Moore, on the other hand, IS an investment banker</p>

<p>Perhaps the problem is...your mental image. Here's the thing: there are plenty of football, baseball and basketball college players who are really quite smart - but happen to play that sport too - just as there are plenty weightlifters, powerlifters, etc who are very smart but just enjoy that as a pastime. Still, they are called dumb jocks, muscleheads, and so forth - does it mean ALL of them are - no - instead, there are probably a handful per cluster of athletes who are, and those that are jealous, envious, heard something or just had a bad experience once put this vast generalization together.</p>

<p>The same is true for ibankers, for quants, etc - no all quants are socially inept or incapable of anything outside of math. Not all bankers are pompous a$$holes who set themselves 10 steps above everyone else. </p>

<p>Is it important to be vocal in IB - of course - to a degree, but not much more so than any front office or interesting position that involves working with...people. If you are capable of casual interaction with people, can hold a conversation and aren't completely awkward at the first encounter with a co-worker, superior, etc, you will be fine, especially on a junior level and if you are in a larger group. </p>

<p>Are you going to encounter the D-Bags and such - of course - but they are not the majority - and maybe you need to get out there a bit and talk to people - you don't need to change your personality, but you can become more comfortable - and once you are more comfortable, it's fine to choose to interact more or less. </p>


very helpful